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Marketing Experts for Family Lawyers & Divorce Professionals

Divorce Marketing Group is the only marketing agency that is 100% dedicated to helping family lawyers and divorce professionals grow their practices. We are family lawyer marketing experts – but our expertise and experience do not stop there. We have also helped divorce mediators, accountants, business valuators, QDRO experts, financial experts, and collaborative practitioners to raise their profiles and expand their businesses.

Voted The Best Family Law Marketing Agency in North America

Since 1995, Divorce Marketing Group has been helping divorce professionals in the U.S. and Canada market their services online and offline.

Owns Divorce Focused Websites with 4,000,000+ Visits/Year

We offer our clients media exposure to a targeted audience that can bring them cases because we are the publisher of Family Lawyer Magazine, www.divorcemag.com, and www.divorcedmoms.com.

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★★★★★ Maria Cognetti, Family Lawyer, AAML Fellow, PA

“I have been aware of the Divorce Marketing Group for many years and have seen the websites, videos, social media, and other work they have done for many of my AAML colleagues. I did not have a first-hand experience of working with them until very recently. When I was in search of a new marketing group I reached out to the three companies/businesses who/which I felt were the best. After meeting with those groups I found that there was no doubt left in my mind as to who would be the best choice. Now, some months later and with no contract yet signed by me, they have become my go to folks. In contrast to the other companies, I feel that DM clearly cares about my success and is not there to simply have my business.

I am sorry I didn’t use them sooner. They have already helped me save thousands of dollars with my website providers and have shown me the numerous ways I can improve my website and generate more business. I have never dealt with a more consummate marketing professional than Martha Chan. She knows family lawyers inside out and is a branding and marketing genius. In split seconds, she helped me rename my second practice and showed me how to achieve cohesive branding between my two practices. Her marketing guidance is on point, logical. She is the hardest working person I know. I feel the weight of marketing my practice has been lifted off my shoulders and is being reinvigorated by Martha and her team.”

★★★★★ Dheanna Fikaris, Family Lawyer, IL

“Divorce Marketing Group is a first-rate company and has been invaluable in creating an informative and up to date website for me. Dan and Martha, and the entire staff responds to questions immediately – ready to make suggestions that have proven to make a real difference with my site and have made it something that I am proud of. Being a solo practitioner leaves me little time and Divorce Marketing Group helps every step of the way, from content, to podcasts and more. Having been with another company I know the difference between a company that just wants your money and one that cares about delivering a great product. I highly recommend Divorce Marketing Group – whether a solo practitioner or a large law firm – this company is the only one I would recommend.”

★★★★★ Christopher Pitts, Family Lawyer, CA

“Great team.  Responsive and professional.”

Client Testimonials and Recommendations

★★★★★ Joy Feinberg, Family Lawyer, AAML Fellow, IL

“I cannot give a greater endorsement of any business than Divorce Marketing Group. They will help you grow your business into the future before you even know what the future is. They are client-focused marketing professionals whom you can count on… They have been my go to people for over 10 years.“

★★★★★ Patricia Carter, Family Lawyer, AAML Fellow, TX

“Carter Morris has been using the marketing services of Divorce Marketing Group for many years. Their marketing products and services are 100% focused on the subject of divorce and their intimate knowledge of the subject is evident in the monthly e-newsletter and nine unique divorce guides they make available to our firm. Divorce Marketing Group promotes our firm through their Texas Divorce Magazine (digital edition), DivorceMagazine.com, and FamilyLawyerMagazine.com, in addition to providing guidance and direction on the latest marketing strategies to ensure our firm remains relevant and competitively positioned in the family lawyer arena.”

★★★★★ Randall M. Kessler, Family Lawyer, AAML Fellow, GA

“The exposure we and our peers get through DivorceMag.com, Divorce Magazine, Family Lawyer Magazine, etc. has been tremendous.”

★★★★★ Stephen Kolodny, Family Lawyer, AAML Fellow, CA

“Their work in branding and marketing is nothing short of amazing, their talent for detail and pizzazz is eye-opening. They are people of the highest skill and integrity, reliable, efficient. I rarely endorse anyone but my confidence in them and the work they do allows me to recommend them 

★★★★★ Robert Stevens, Family Lawyer, AAML Fellow, SC

“We have been extremely pleased with the responsiveness and creativity of the Divorce Marketing group.

It is quickly apparent that working with a firm devoted to working with and promoting Family Law practices has its advantages. This is a company that understands the unique needs of the Family Law attorney and the marketing sensitivity required to advertise to those going through such an emotionally difficult period in their lives. Highly recommended!”

★★★★★ Moura A.J. Robertson, Family Lawyer, AAML Fellow, OK

“I have worked with Divorce Marketing Group for the past five years and couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome in terms of product and results. Dan Couvrette and Martha Chan have worked closely with me and my firm to develop and implement an effective marketing strategy tailored to meet our marketing objectives. They are professional, insightful, and diligent.

I highly recommend Divorce Marketing Group to anyone considering a marketing program for their divorce and family law practice.”

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