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When Dan Johnson began practicing family law in 1990, he knew he wanted to be the best of the best. Soon, he partnered with Martha Smith, another brilliant attorney devoted to family law. Together they have excelled in their handling of divorce, custody, support, and complex financial settlement issues for individuals with wealth.

They have earned honors and awards for excellence from the family law legal community, including being an AAML Fellow, a designation earned by a small percentage of family lawyers who have passed the strict selection criteria and rigorous tests.

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A high rate of success in and out of the courtroom

Today, the law firm of Johnson & Smith has a stellar reputation in Los Angeles County for resolving the vast majority of its cases through skillful negotiations. They thoroughly prepare their clients and their cases as if they would go to court. And, if the case has to go to court, the opposing counsel is often faced with evidence and arguments these attorneys have meticulously put together.

“It gives me great pleasure to see the smile on my clients’ faces when they are reunited with their children, or they get their fair share from their divorce settlement,” Smith explains.

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★★★★★ Monica A.

Everyone at the firm provided excellent service every step of the way. A special thanks to my attorney Martha Smith whose knowledge and skill helped me with my case. As a result, I have custody of my 13-year-old daughter!

★★★★★ Ron J.

I was lost and in despair about my divorce until I spoke to Dan Johnson. The attorney I hired before Mr. Johnson told me to settle and give in to my ex’s unfair demands. In the end, my ex’s attorney was no match for Mr. Johnson’s legal and financial prowess. I got to keep the business that took me 15 years to build up.

★★★★★ A. Lee

I highly recommend Johnson & Smith. They got me the support payments I so badly needed. My ex-husband was hiding his income and assets, but Martha Smith found them! Ms. Smith saved me time and money by showing the evidence she had and therefore avoided a possible trial. Thank you!

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