Winter-Spring 2015 issue of Family Lawyer Magazine – Hot off the Press!

TORONTO, ON (January 30, 2015) — The Winter-Spring 2015 issue of Family Lawyer Magazine has just been released, and you can download your complimentary copy at

FLM_WS_2015_coverIf there are pensions or businesses to value, if there are valuable assets or high incomes involved, if the divorcing parties can’t agree on how to divide what’s on the table – much less what should be on the table in the first place – then a case may require financial expertise outside the knowledge and resources available at a law firm. Family lawyers are often called on to play many different roles: from accountant to financial planner to business and pension valuator. Some of these roles may be a better fit for a lawyer’s skill-set and personality than others – and some are so far outside their area of expertise that they shouldn’t even consider tackling them. “Over the last 20 years, I have met more and more family lawyers with the wisdom to engage financial professionals with the specific training and expertise to handle certain portions of their cases,” says Dan Couvrette, CEO and Publisher of Family Lawyer Magazine. “Choosing the right expert means that lawyers can offer better service to their clients, reduce their liability for providing the wrong advice, and increase their own job satisfaction since they’re no longer faced with time-consuming tasks they lack the tools and training to accomplish effectively.”

The new issue offers advice from leading financial professionals who focus their practices on family law. Feature articles include:

  • Business valuation and divorce
  • Using restricted stock and pre-IPO data to estimate discounts
  • How to choose and work with QDRO experts
  • Common mistakes when valuing pensions.

This issue also includes articles to help lawyers better serve their clients and grow their practices; how to know if a website is really smartphone-friendly; time management tips; reviews of software and apps for family lawyers; how far a lawyer can go in “cleaning up” a client’s problematic social media pages; and advice on how to network outside a lawyer’s comfort zone.

“Since no issue would be complete without input from the legal community,” adds Couvrette, “we asked practicing divorce lawyers and judges what changes they’d suggest to improve the divorce process in family law courts.” Starting on page 40 of this magazine, “Reforming the Divorce Process” offers some great suggestions from the front lines. “Family lawyers can comment on the ideas in this article, or make suggestions of their own at,” Couvrette points out.

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