Family Lawyer Magazine’s Fall 2020 Issue

For Immediate Release – The Fall 2020 issue of Family Lawyer Magazine focuses on COVID’s effects on child custody.

COVID and Child Custody Issues

COVID’s impact on our business and daily lives is far from over. Over the last six months, when we have all experienced lockdowns and disruptions, we have had to find new ways to safely manage our work and personal lives. And unhappy couples who have been living in close quarters for what feels more like six years than six months are ready to make a change now.

In May, Family Lawyer Magazine Publisher Dan Couvrette wrote an article predicting a surge in business for family lawyers based on a noticeable jump in traffic on our flagship website geared towards people considering, in the midst of, or who have recently gone through a divorce.

The article appeared in the Special COVID Issue of Family Lawyer Magazine, published in June. At that time, traffic had doubled between March 15 (when COVID became a household name) and May 16 (when we started to seriously wonder when/if our lives would return to normal).

That increase has continued ever since with another record month in traffic for in June, July, and August. This means family lawyers need to prepare to be found and hired as online searches turn into retaining legal representation.

To help you connect with potential clients, see  “6 Secrets to Secure More Clients with Your Website” on page 18. Since searching online for products and services is now well entrenched, you need a great online presence now more than ever.

Multiple family lawyer clients have told our staff that child custody cases have increased significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic started – which is why this issue focuses on custody. For example:

  • Written by the team who argued Monasky v. Taglieri from Ohio to the Supreme Court, “Defining Habitual Residence in the Hague Convention” is required reading for anyone handling international custody disputes (p. 6)
  • Make sure your client appreciates both the potential upside and downside of seeking a GAL appointment (p. 10)
  • Consider learning some basics about Jewish holidays to help with parenting time negotiations (p. 26)
  • Learn how co-parenting apps can benefit you as well as your clients (p. 28)
  • Review the requirements and expectations of military service when handling a custody case with a military parent (p. 34)
  • Current best practices for family lawyers working in the child estrangement arena (p. 42)
  • See survey results as well as what your colleagues had to say about child custody trends in 2020 (p. 48)

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If you have not read our Special COVID Issue, you can download it here. The articles are highly relevant for managing and growing your practice during and after the pandemic.

We hope you find this issue both engaging and useful.  If you are interested in contributing thought-provoking content to Family Lawyer Magazine and, please email

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