Family Lawyer Magazine Fall/Winter 2016 Issue

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For Immediate Release – Family Lawyer Magazine Fall/Winter 2016 issue offers strategies for family lawyers and other divorce professionals to attract more high-end divorce cases.

Since launching the magazine in 2012, Family Lawyer Magazine’s mission has been to offer those working in the family law arena information and advice that will help them achieve excellence – both professionally and personally.

As always, this issue offers a broad range of articles, including:

  • Using economic reality to achieve fairness in business valuation.
  • Lawyers now have the duty to know how to prevent hackers from getting your clients’ confidential information. Learn why there is no such thing as “free WiFi”.
  • What you need to know about entering a QDRO after the death of a plan participant.
  • 4 ways to help ensure a prenuptial agreement is enforceable.
  • A good working relationship with a client is critical to the ultimate success of the case; how to create and maintain great attorney-client relationships.
  • An ill-informed attorney could cost a special-needs child his or her government benefits;  potential pitfalls to avoid when it comes to child support, trusts, and benefits.
  • How to perform basic present value and future value calculations in divorce.
  • Understanding your client’s financial and estate documents.
  • Rainmaker tips: build your practice by getting into action.
  • 3 possible big threats facing small law firms, and the ways you can meet them head-on.
  • The greatest casualty of high-conflict divorce is the polarized child; how to help alienated children make and maintain healthy relationships with both parents.
  • 3 techniques to increase productivity and satisfaction while reducing stress and anxiety in your family law practice.

You can download a complimentary PDF of the Family Lawyer Magazine Fall/Winter 2016 Issue here.

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