Family Lawyer Magazine Fall 2019 Issue

For Immediate Release – The Fall 2019 issue of Family Lawyer Magazine focuses on technology.

The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence & Human Expertise

As technology advances, legal research and processes can be done faster, more accurately, and/or cheaper.  With these advances comes a threat to the careers of those in the legal profession. However, technology could create significant opportunities for those attorneys who take advantage of these advances and evolve their law practices. 

In this issue, we offer two articles on online dispute resolution, artificial intelligence, and the future of family law (pp. 6 and 10), which show how technology is being used to help streamline  information gathering, negotiations, and cases where couples cannot afford lawyers. At the same time, they also suggest how family lawyers can use and incorporate online dispute resolution features and the standardized process into their law practice.

Artificial intelligence cannot replace human expertise and experience (yet!). We asked family lawyers and forensic experts to examine how objective expert testimony really is; you’ll find their responses in “Does an Expert’s Opinion Depend on Who Hired Them?” (p. 18), and  “Challenging Retention Bias and Adversarial Allegiance in Expert Testimony” (p. 14), 

We surveyed family lawyers and other family law professionals about how they are using technology in their practices; you will find the survey results starting on p. 24.  Two family lawyers felt strongly enough about their favorite apps to write articles about them (p. 25 and 39).  What’s your indispensable app?

If you use eDiscovery, do you know the current best practices – especially when it comes to capturing publicly available data such as social media content? If you are not 100% sure, read “Obtaining and Presenting Electronic Evidence During eDiscovery” (p. 28).

Technology can also help when it comes to your well-being. If you embrace automation, you could reduce the burden of manual processes on you and your staff (p. 40). Speaking of well-being, we highly recommend that you take a look at “Addiction and Mental Health Issues Among Family Lawyers” (p. 34); the strategies and resources there could save someone’s career – or life. 

Other informative articles include:

  • Generating Clients Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Fighting over Custody of Frozen Embryos
  • The Economic Reality of Maintenance Post TCJA
  • What Family Lawyers Must Know About Trust Accounting
  • The Role of the Forensic CPA in Divorce
  • Can Pre-Marital Military Years Become Marital in a Pension?

We hope you find this issue both engaging and useful.

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