Family Lawyer Magazine Fall 2017 Issue

For Immediate Release – The Fall 2017 issue of Family Lawyer Magazine has a special focus on financial matters – which can be a thorny subject for many lawyers.

We interact with family lawyers every day – whether it’s an in-person meeting or a conversation via phone or email. This daily contact allows us to deepen our understanding of how their practices work, and the challenges they face in growing their businesses. It also provides a unique insight into how we can best serve our readership.

Divorce Marketing Group, our parent company, has been working with divorce-industry professionals – including forensic accountants, business valuators, and other financial professionals – for the last 21 years.

This issue has a special focus on financial matters – which can be a thorny subject for many lawyers. If this describes you, I recommend reading:

  • Hiding Income & Assets at the IRS
  • A “90 in 90” Collection Rate
  • The Next-to-Vest Coverture Formula
  • 6 Financial Advice Mistakes
  • Common QDRO Missteps
  • Life Insurance and Divorce

As always, this issue also covers many other topics of interest to family law-
yers. For instance, “Stop Wasting Billable Hours!” tackles how to work smarter instead of longer by using modern case management systems – which can greatly enhance a law firm’s efficiency and profitability.

For tips on differentiating yourself from rival lawyers or firms, take a look at “Personal Branding for Family Lawyers” and “Stand Out from the Competition.”

Turn to the “Professional Directory” for resources and referrals, or visit the
directory on our website – where you’ll also find hundreds of interesting articles.

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