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About The Law Offices of David M. Lederman

The Law Offices of David M. Lederman is dedicated to family law. They are highly motivated, efficient and committed to providing excellent client service and effective results. Trust this skilled team led by a California certified specialist in family law, David Lederman.

Aggressive Representation. Demonstrated Success.

Established in 1997, their experienced attorneys provide a broad range of effective legal solutions. They have a record of success in both simple and extremely challenging cases.

They can guide you through the divorce process.

They will help develop workable custody and visitation arrangements that are in the best interests of their clients’ children. They are ready to fight hard to protect clients’ assets and achieve fair property settlements. As necessary, they will litigate aggressively to protect clients’ rights and achieve their goals. They handle interstate or international family law dispute expediently.

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★★★★★ Daniel Quinn

David Lederman supported me through every step of my divorce. He was ethical, honest, and proactive in preparing for my goals during a difficult time. His focus was always on protecting the interests of my family while preparing the best case possible for a favorable outcome, which we achieved. David’s no-nonsense style, knowledge of the law and the system were invaluable. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for the ultimate professional who provides sound legal advice.

★★★★★ Paddy Kehoe

Integrity, professionalism and honesty are the words that describe David Lederman and his staff. It is very difficult to pick a divorce attorney and you never really know until you get to the end, I could not have been more pleased with my choice. I had to fire my first attorney and then hired David Lederman after a lot of interviewing. David is non emotional, organized, smart and very well respected in the family law profession.

My divorce had dragged on for way too long and it would have been a lot better to have hired David day one. I could not say enough good things and he brought a timely end to a very difficult divorce. I should also say that his fees were reasonable for the work he put in and I think that this is rare in attorney world.

5 Star Reviews: AVVO

★★★★★ Sophie

If you ever need a divorce attorney, then you should hire David – as consuming as a divorce can be, both emotionally and financially, put your trust in him, and he will get you through to the other side in the most effective way. I’m forever grateful to him and his team, because they helped me start a better life and future for me and my kids.

★★★★★ Jerusa

Amazing lawyer… I was referred to the David Lederman’s firm by a friend of mine who is a judge. I have no words how grateful I am for the legal interventions from all the staff of David Lederman’s firm including all lawyers, reception, paralegals and administration. They are all outstanding, knowledgeable and plus, I felt understood and treated with empathy, compassion, and I was able to gain safety for my life. Mr Lederman’s firm is amazing and highly worth it. It is with all my integrity and dignity that I most definitely recommend Mr. Lederman’s firm for any domestic family dispute.

★★★★★ Anonymous

Mr. Lederman was there for me until the very end… Mr. Lederman was worth every single penny I paid towards my legal fees. Freedom is all I feel. It is priceless to be done… Mr. Lederman, David, worked hard to dismiss this case. I cannot thank him enough… The opposing side, the other party, had hoped to punish and decimate me with fees and destroy my good name/ reputation and my livelihood… I “dodged” a bullet, and am very thankful for having an attorney like Mr. Lederman. He was wonderful, and his services were A+ and even more..

★★★★★ Francisco

In a time of a great deal of stress mr. Lederman and his staff was very helpful. Mr Lederman kept me in the loop with the process. he is an attorney that knows what he is talking about and the process pretty much went how it was explained to me. Mr Lederman and his staff answered my questions quickly and at times even on the weekends. I appreciated everything they did for me.

★★★★★ Adam

David assured me after my first consultation with him that he could get me more time with my daughter. And after mediation, I wasn’t sure that was going to happen. The mediator had only recommended my custody increase by one overnight. And after a couple delays that stretched the case out over 6 months, my court date arrived. Having previous bad experiences in family court, coupled with the fact that mediation went poorly, I was extremely nervous,. However David performed brilliantly. He argued my case to the (female) judge who was sympathetic to a single father and the fact my custody was very little, and had not increased in eight years. The judge agreed to increase my custody by not one or two days but three overnights a week. I could not have done this myself. I had tried and tried for years to gain more custody representing myself with zero results. David and his staff thoroughly prepared me for court from beginning to end. He was available to me for any question I had usually within 24 hours. I cannot recommend David Lederman and his staff enough. Excellent family attorney!

★★★★★ Anonymous

To say that my case is high-conflict is an understatement. There were issues of domestic violence, substance abuse and allegations of child abuse that were all present prior to the separation. I hired David to represent me in my divorce and child custody issues based on a recommendation I had received from another attorney. From the beginning David made sure that I understood the process, was informed and let me know that I was in control of my case. With that said, he offered his expertise and guidance (I wish I had listened more from the outset.) Once engaged, he was the only attorney that I used. (In stark contrast, the opposing party had 5 attorneys.) Due to the complexity of the case, the time and financial impact, I had to move to a limited scope basis and even in this capacity, David was extremely responsive and ensured that I had the best representation in front of the judge. The case is still not completely settled but at least there is a resolution of custody and some peace for my children. I owe that in large part to David and his entire team.

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