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About Phillips Whisnant Gazin Gorczyca & Curtin

PWGGC is a full service family law firm in Orange County, California, that offers formidable divorce and family law representation in contested litigation, mediation, and appellate law in high-net-worth cases.

Consistently Honored as a Best Law Firm

With 200+ years of collective family law practice, the partners at PWGGC have represented affluent individuals in Southern California, including executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and celebrities. They have been consistently honored as a Best Law Firm by U.S. News and World Report.

A Legacy of Honor, Strength & Equity

Their divorce attorneys are dedicated to upholding the highest professional standards in the practice of family law. They serve as powerful advocates for clients, yet always conduct themselves in an ethical and honorable manner. Their unwavering allegiance to their clients is apparent in their diligent pursuit of their clients’ best legal interests with an acute sensitivity to privacy concerns.

Focused on Achieving Positive Results

Whether your case can be settled outside of court or requires litigation, PWGGC can help you obtain the best possible outcome. They understand the many factors that influence custody, spousal support, child support, and property decisions in complex divorce cases.

Phillips Whisnant Gazin Gorczyca & Curtin, California family law firm

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★★★★★ Carrie Dickie

Paula Swenson literally saved us. She saved us from YEARS of litigation and thousands of dollars in legal fees. Additionally, she provided the referrals and counseling we needed that allowed us to fire our attorneys and mediate our case. We were able to find solutions we could both live with. I am so grateful for this gracious, kind, compassionate and efficient attorney. I HIGHLY recommend her. Thank you Paula for CARING about your clients!

★★★★★ Teri Gillespie

★★★★★ Craig Darling, Esq.

5 Star Reviews: AVVO

★★★★★ Caroline

Ben Phillips is an outstanding attorney. Having Ben as my attorney was one of the best choices I made during a very challenging time. He came highly recommended to me, and I will always be grateful for those recommendations. Going through a divorce can be emotionally draining. However, with Ben as my attorney handling everything superbly, I was able to focus on being a mom to my 3 children. The moment Ben became my attorney, things started to quickly line up and shift in the right direction. It was a very complex financial case with a very litigious husband of high net worth who was hiding assets. Ben is extremely intelligent, quick-minded, and organized. He is highly respected by judges and peers alike. Litigation comes naturally to Ben as he is extremely eloquent and well-versed in the law. He is an excellent litigator. His perfectionism shows in his work, and his staff are all top notch as well. I am and will always be truly grateful for all that Ben has done for me as my attorney. I highly recommend Ben Phillips.

★★★★★ Bob

A Great Lawyer does Make a Difference. Jackie handled my divorce. It was very messy & very costly. When you have a complex case, where strategy really matters, I would not use anyone, but Jackie. She leads a team of professionals. They bill fairly, they come prepared, and they perform to win.

★★★★★ Brian

Child custody and divorce is a emotional time… Mike kept it calm and understood. His personal communication and expertise brought the appropriate outcome to my divorce and the lives of my 3 children. I recommend him strongly.

★★★★★ Heather

“The best attorney! You don’t want to use anyone but her!!! She is a genius!! I have used Judi for two divorces and a move away custody case. Without her I would have completely been lost. You definitely pay for what you get when dealing with life changing events, that without a smart, experienced, intuitive perfectionist like Judi you risk losing what is important to you and what you deserve. I would never use anyone else for any matters that involve my rights as a wife and mother. Divorce and custody issues are so stressful and if you want to physically impact your health and quality of life and have minimal stress then hire Judi !!!!!!! I was beside myself and so overwhelmed and the moment Judi takes over it’s like a boulder was taken off my back and I could focus on my life, my children and let her tell me if I needed to worry. I have never been more grateful to anyone as I am to Judi. She has protected me and my rights always and I have been the winner in all three of my issues that I used her for. She is unbelievable. I highly recommend her and her staff. You will feel like part of their team from the second you meet with her.

★★★★★ Kristen

Brilliant Attorney. In my opinion, Gary is the best family attorney in Orange County. Being an attorney myself, I consulted with every big name in town for my divorce. I needed to relocate my kids to Los Angeles and enforce my child support order. Every attorney in town told me it couldn’t be done. Except Gary. He did a fantastic job and I was granted the right to move away with my children and ex was held accountable for his failure to pay support including an award of sanctions. Gary really listened to my concerns, kept my expectations reasonable and was fair in his billings. I highly recommend Gary and I am grateful I found him.

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