Family Lawyer Magazine eNewsletter Archive – 2015

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November 2015

  1. Practice Management: 15 Signs You Are Throwing Your Marketing Money Away
  2. Financial Matters: 5 Things Family Lawyers Need to Know About Mortgage Underwriting
  3. Client Relations: Combine Online Outreach with In-Person Divorce Workshops
  4. Pension & QDROs: Common Mistakes When Valuing Pensions
September 2015

  1. Practice Management: Developing and Growing Your Family Law Practice
  2. Technology: How Computer Forensics Can Influence Your Client’s Case
  3. Custody Issues: Reunification in Parental Alienation Cases
  4. Pension & QDROs: The Civil Service Retirement System Coverage Gap
July 2015

  1. Legal: Same-Sex Marriage – and Divorce
  2. Custody Issues: The Never-Ending Divorce
  3. Client Relations: Representing the Emotionally-Abused Client in High-Conflict Divorce
  4. Managing Your Firm: Accounting: An Essential Component of Your Law Practice Management System
  5. Child Support: Using QDROs to Collect Child Support and Child Support Arrearages
May 2015

  1. Financial: Looking at the Value of Assets over the Long-Term
  2. Technology: Family Lawyers’ Top Software Picks
  3. Client Relations: Caring for Our Clients’ Other Needs
  4. Collaborative Divorce: Podcast: Collaborative Divorce from an Accountant’s and Lawyer’s Perspective
March 2015

  1. Financial: If It’s Not Admissible, Why Complete an Economic Damage Claim?
  2. Legal: Revisiting UIFSA’s Spousal Support Rules
  3. Technology: Is Your Website Really Smartphone Friendly?
  4. Practice Management: Drawing Customers to Your Family Law Practice
January 2015

  1. Practice Management: Is Your Family Law Practice Primed for Success?
  2. Child Custody: Adolescents and Joint Physical Custody: Does Personality Matter?
  3. Technology: Dividing the Empire: The Intricacies of Divorce Settlements
  4. Legal: Using Prenuptial Agreements to Protect a Business
  5. Practice Management: 5 Tips for Improving Your Law Practice’s Payments
  6. Financial: Disability Insurance and Divorce Planning; How, Why, and When to Hire A QDRO Expert; Professional and Technological Help with Financial Affidavits