The Pope wants the Church to reform its treatment of Catholics who are divorced and remarried. Although the Catholic Church does not fully ostracize remarried Catholics, the historical treatment of such individuals involves banning them from receiving Communion during a church service. Furthermore, these Catholics are openly viewed to be “living in sin” with their new spouse. The stigma of divorce and remarriage within the Catholic community is undoubtedly challenging to accept as an adult, but it is even more confusing and difficult for children of divorce to navigate. Let us know your thoughts about Pope Francis and how the Church treats divorced and remarried Catholics.

  • Should the Catholic Church update its views regarding divorce and second marriages?
  • Why is it important for the Catholic Church to embrace divorced Catholics who were not granted an annulment?
  • Should religion remain separate from politics and family law?
  • Is it important for the Catholic Church to update its family values to reflect modern times?
  • What can be done to help ensure children of divorce are not ostracized for their family situation, within both a religious and secular context?
  • Should the ban preventing remarried Catholics from receiving communion be lifted?
  • What is the most positive step the Catholic Church could take toward embracing unconventional families, such as those involving second or third marriages, and children of divorce?