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Hiding Income and Assets at the IRS

How one W-2 employee used the IRS to stash cash – thereby reducing his alimony payments and marital assets. By Harriett Fox, CPA, Forensic Accountant In family law, forensic accountants focus on valuing marital estates, determining which assets and liabilities may be non-marital, determining the parties’ incomes, and calculating alimony and child support. With clients read more »

Ethical Considerations in Complex and High-Asset Divorce Cases

Complex and high-asset divorce cases can provide intellectually and financially rewarding work. However, they can also present a number of ethical issues.

3 Techniques to Reduce Stress & Increase Productivity in Your Family Law Practice

Want to increase productivity & satisfaction & reduce stress & anxiety in your family law practice? These tips can make practicing law fulfilling & successful.

Call for Submissions: New Technologies in the Family Law Arena

Be quoted in the next issue of Family Lawyer Magazine! If you have something to say about new technologies in the family law arena, we want to hear from you.

New Study Finds Surprising Inconsistencies in Child Support Rates

A parent can pay almost three times as much as one who lives in a state just six hours away, despite their circumstances being otherwise equal.

The Next-to-Vest Coverture Formula

Beware of pitfalls in the next-to-vest coverture formula for valuing stock options!

Gathering, Organizing, and Presenting Evidence

“Well Begun is Half-Done” applies to trial preparation – especially in relation to gathering, organizing, and presenting evidence in family law cases.

Call for Submissions: Does an Expert’s Opinion Depend on Who Hired Them?

We want to hear from lawyers as well as financial & other experts who have testified (or have witnessed expert testimony) in family law cases! Read more here.

The Legal Consumer Has Changed – Are You Keeping Up?

If your initial consultations do not regularly end with a retainer check, then you need to update your lead conversion skills to appeal to the modern legal consumer.

Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Family Law: a Quick Trip Down the Cryptocurrency Rabbit Hole

Do you understand what the terms bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency mean? And, more crucially, do you know how to value cryptocurrency in a divorce?

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