John E. Johansen
Address: 200 West 41st Street, 18th Floor, New York
Firm : Tax First Inc.
State/Province: New York
Country: USA
Phone: 212-335-2136
Linda Forman
Address: 9150 N. Crawford, Suite 202, Skokie
Firm : Linda Forman CPA, P.C.
State/Province: Illinois
Country: USA
Phone: (847) 316-1040
Profession: ,
Business Description:

Linda Forman is a Certified Public Accountant who specializes in divorce cases. She has practiced financial and tax guidance, ERISA issues and litigation support in the Chicago area for over 30 years. Her services are key to getting the right questions answered in depositions.

Roderick Moe
Address: 3199 Lake Worth Road, Suite B-3, Lake Worth
Firm : Roderick C. Moe CPA, PA
State/Province: Florida
Country: USA
Phone: (561) 649-5109

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