Dan Couvrette Family Lawyer Magazine CEOOn behalf of the entire team here, I’m pleased to welcome you to FamilyLawyerMagazine.com, a “go to” website where family lawyers can find trusted resources to help them better manage their practices and live balanced lives.

Some of you may know that our company, Divorce Marketing Group, publishes Divorce Magazine, DivorceMagazine.com and BlogsOnDivorce.com, and we are the only marketing agency dedicated to helping family lawyers and divorce professionals grow their practices.

As part of our work on those initiatives, I’ve attended family lawyer conferences across North America for many years – 16, in fact! And I discovered that, while each conference generated a wealth of useful information and resources, that knowledge wasn’t really being shared with family lawyers outside the state or province.

I created Family Lawyer Magazine to bridge that knowledge gap. In here you’ll find case reviews, CLE presentations and articles on best practices for marketing, creating rain makers, winning cases, client services, courtroom strategy, free CLE, technology, taking care of your health and well being, and much more. Plus, our articles are written for family lawyers by family lawyers, judges and service providers who really understand what’s going on in the dynamic and complex family law field.

And of course, we DON’T charge a fee for accessing our content, or oblige you to sign-up for a membership or subscription. We make it easy, quick and enjoyable for you to access a wealth of family law/family lawyer related content.

And best of all: this is just the beginning!

We have many exciting initiatives on the horizon, including:

  • Our printed Family Lawyer Magazine
  • Family Lawyer eNewsletter, and
  • Marketing Teleseminars for Family Lawyers and Divorce Professionals
  • Family lawyer blog.

You can sign-up for the e-newsletter here and get a chance to win an ipad. We’ll be launching the print edition of Family Lawyer Magazine in the spring of 2012. Learn more about our Marketing Teleseminar here.

If you’re interested in advertising on this website and in the printed Family Lawyer Magazine, please contact me at DanC@DivorceMarketingGroup.com

We’re also looking for guest bloggers for this site, DivorceMagazine.com and BlogsOnDivorce.com, so drop me a note if you’d like to share your point of view with your peers and colleagues.

In closing, I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank the team here for all of their hard work in making FamilyLawyerMagazine.com a reality. From our web designers, to our writers, to our coordinators, and everyone else who has worked so hard. Also, a special thank you to our advertisers who believed in this magazine while it was in its infancy. Thank you for being part of what is poised to be a very helpful, important and influential website for the family law community. We’re on our way!

Dan Couvrette, CEO

Family Lawyer Magazine, Divorce Magazine and Divorce Marketing Group