Family Lawyer Magazine eNewsletter Archive – 2016

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March 2017

  1. Financial Matters: Business Valuation and the Double Dip Problem
  2. Property Division: Divorce Liens: An Alternative to Splitting the Family Home
  3. Client Relations: Emotional Milestones in Divorce
  4. Practice Management: Managing Virtual Employees and Making It Work
February 2017

  1. Business Coaching: No Value Equals No Business
  2. Valuation: Fairness and Economic Reality in Business Valuation
  3. Trusts and Estates: Protecting the Estate During and After Divorce
  4. Health & Well-Being: The Importance of Breathing
January 2017

  1. Practice Management: 3 Big Threats Facing Small Law Firms
  2. Marketing Your Firm: 7 Strategies to Attract High-End Divorce Cases
  3. Legal Issues: Ensuring the Enforceability of Prenuptial Agreements
  4. Health & Well-Being: How to Make Horse-Sense out of Nonsense