Family Lawyer Magazine eNewsletter Archive – 2016

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December 2016

  1. Technology: The Dangers of Free Wi-Fi
  2. Financial: Can QDROs be Entered Posthumously?
  3. Client Relations: How to Successfully Manage Your Clients’ Expectations
  4. Legal Issues: Surrogacy and the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage
November 2016

  1. Technology: Cybersecurity: What’s a Family Lawyer to Do?
  2. Financial Planning: Strategies to Help Generate Income from a Divorce Settlement
  3. Health and Well-Being: Becoming a Happier and More Efficient Lawyer
  4. Parental Alienation: 7 Ways to Help a Polarized Child
September 2016

  1. Financial Issues: Ensuring Settlement Offers Work for You and Your Clients
  2. Technology: For Estate Planners, Embracing Technology is Crucial
  3. Custody: Success Formulas for Move-Away Custody Disputes
  4. Client Relationships: Why Non-Litigating Parents Should Be Required to Take Parent Education
August 2016

  1. Podcast: Custody Evaluations and Parental Alienation: 10 Questions Answered
  2. Managing Your Firm: Every Call is Gold: 4 Steps to Converting Leads into Clients
  3. Financial Matters: Preserving a Business When the Owners Divorce
  4. Spousal Maintenance: How Getting a Job Can Work for Your Client During DIvorce
July 2016

  1. Marketing: 7 Tips to Maximize Your Summer Marketing
  2. Financial Matters: Retirement Accounts in Divorce: 4 Common Questions
  3. Practice Development: Organize Your Firm to Grow Your Profits
  4. Arbitration: Podcast: How Clients Benefit from Arbitration
June 2016

  1. Practice Management: Running Like Clockwork
  2. Legal Issues: What is a No-Nup Agreement?
  3. Client Relations: Techniques to Improve Communication with Clients
  4. Health & Well-Being: Lawyers and Emotional Intelligence
May 2016

  1. From the Bench: Wise Words from 3 Judges
  2. Financial Issues: 10 Valuation Tips for Family Lawyers
  3. Technology: 7 Technology Tips and Tricks for Your Law Firm
  4. Health & Well-Being: How to Be a Better Lawyer
April 2016

  1. Accounting: When Bad Things Happen to Good Law Firms
  2. Courtroom Strategies: Preparing for Your Next Trial
  3. Health & Well-Being: Secondary Traumatic Stress and Family Lawyers
  4. Tax Issues: 8 Tax TIps for Divorce Lawyers
March 2016

  1. Financial Matters: Relationships Between Family Lawyers and Financial Advisors Benefit Clients
  2. Courtroom Strategies: Gathering and Presenting Evidence
  3. Pension/QDRO: How to Distribute an IRA in a Divorce: The FAUXDRO
  4. Client Relations: Managing Clients’ Psychological Responses to Divorce and Child Custody Disputes
February 2016

  1. Practice Management: Video Marketing in 2016
  2. Technology: 4 Tips That Redcue Your Firm’s Technology Expenses
  3. Arbitration: The Cost-Effectiveness of Arbitrating Complex Cases
  4. Managing Your Firm: 8 Misconceptions to Avoid in Managing and Collecting Accounts Receivable
January 2016

  1. Practice Management: Start 2016 Off by Taking Action
  2. Technology: Is Your Law Office a Smart One?
  3. Alternative Dispute Resolution: Arbitration Rules & Forms
  4. CLE: One Expert’s Take on Why You Should Attend the 2016 AICPA/AAML Conference on Divorce
  5. Child Visitation: It’s Time to Reexamine our Relocation Laws