Ensure your law firm stays relevant in a world dominated by mobile devices.

KPCB analyst and “Queen of the Internet” Mary Meeker recently released her 20th annual Internet Trends report containing noteworthy findings relevant to anyone hoping to successfully market their practice or services online. Specifically, the report reveals that marketing spending does not align with shifting consumer behavior and there is a whopping $25 billion opportunity in mobile marketing. While 24% of all media is consumed on mobile devices – such as smartphones and tablets – only 8% of advertising spending is directed towards targeting mobile users. Consider Meeker’s timely report along with these questions about the impact and importance of mobile marketing:

  • What does the upsurge in mobile marketing mean for traditional forms of media?
  • How can legal professionals capitalize on the popularity of mobile usage?
  • Why are many businesses and professionals slow to change their marketing techniques to match consumer trends?
  • What is it about smartphones as a medium that are so attractive to consumers?
  • Am I marketing online effectively? Is my website responsive and simple for mobile users to view and navigate?
  • How can I ensure my law firm stays relevant in a world dominated by mobile devices?
  • How can my firm’s online presence be restructured to accommodate the growing number of mobile users?