A Partner at the Chicago law firm of Boyle & Feinberg, P.C., attorney Joy M. Feinberg is officially leading the IAML USA Chapter as President for the next two years.

Ms. Joy M. Feinberg, Partner at Boyle & Feinberg, P.C., has been inaugurated as the President of the USA Chapter of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (IAML). A member of the IAML since 1990, Ms. Feinberg officially assumed the prestigious position of IAML USA Chapter President on May 31, 2014.

The IAML is an esteemed society of respected divorce attorneys committed to discussing, exploring, and improving the practice of international family law. Members of the IAML aim to explore and understand the variable impacts of family law issues around the world. The IAML meets three times annually for an informative international conference, but works towards achieving their goals in the practice of law all year round.

A New Era for the IAML USA Chapter

As the IAML USA Chapter President, Ms. Feinberg will guide the matrimonial lawyers under her jurisdiction in the examination of international topics that affect divorcing families worldwide. She will apply her experience and expertise to facilitating an ongoing conversation about the important issues that span international borders.

Her term will emphasize the value of ongoing legal educational for IAML members, including a focus on topics related to intellectual property around the world, laws affecting U.S. citizens working abroad, and the psychology of prenuptial agreements. One of the goals Ms. Feinberg plans to achieve during her presidency is to finance a summer internship for a family law student. Ms. Feinberg will hold the esteemed position of Chapter President for two years.

You can find out more about Ms. Feinberg and her law firm at the Boyle & Feinberg website.