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Family Lawyer Magazine Nov 2012

The response to, Family Lawyer Magazine and our quarterly e-newsletter has been overwhelmingly positive. It goes without saying that we’re extremely pleased to have accomplished our goal of assisting family lawyers improve their practice and work/life balance.

Your tremendous response inspired us to publish an unscheduled issue of Family Lawyer Magazine in electronic format which you can download for free here

I would like to take a moment to share some comments we have received in the past few months:

Family Lawyer Magazine is absolutely the best magazine for me. I’ve gotten more helpful advice from this magazine than from the last ten CLE seminars I’ve attended.”

~ C.C., Family Lawyer, PA “Every issue of your e-newsletter provides me with something I can use in

my practice.”

~ K.T., Family Lawyer, CA

“I was very happy to receive the premiere issue of your Family Lawyer Magazine. It’s an excellent publication for family law attorneys. I’m sure all family lawyers will be glad to receive it. Please keep the issues coming.”

~ A.M., Family Lawyer, PA

In this electronic issue, we feature articles that help you expand the breadth of your practice by developing an expertise in pet custody, a crash course on how social media can grow your practice and how you can regain work/life balance.We also have an interview with a Judge on how to better prepare for court, a brand new column on “News” and a section devoted to QDROs.

I invite you to:

• Visit — This issue of Family Lawyer Magazine represents a very small cross section of the hundreds of articles that are available on

•Contribute — Please let us know if you’d like to contribute an a article, a case review or a CLE presentation.

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Dan Couvrette, Publisher of Family Lawyer Magazine