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Higher-Status Lawyers Report More Depression

Researchers at the University of Toronto study have found high-earning lawyers are more likely to report depression and poorer health. The research finds that the more lucrative the role, the more likely a lawyer is to experience symptoms of depression, lack of work-life balance, dissatisfaction with their choice of career, and substance abuse. In a survey

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Required Reading: Family Lawyer Magazine’s Spring 2017 Issue

  The latest issue of Family Lawyer Magazine is required reading for those wanting to grow their law firm.  You went to law school to become a lawyer: not a business manager, an IT professional, or a marketing specialist. Unfortunately, you may find yourself spending more time managing staff, dealing with new technology, billing existing

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Family Lawyer Wins $5000 Prize

  Wheaton, Illinois family lawyer wins $5000 Sweepstakes Family Lawyer Magazine congratulates Lindsay C. Stella, the winner of our 20th anniversary Sweepstakes for $5,000 towards a Sandals Resort Vacation of her choice!  Lindsay is family lawyer practicing at Mirabella, Kincaid, Frederick & Mirabella LLC in Wheaton, IL. Divorce Marketing Group is the only marketing agency that is 100%

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Kessler & Solomiany Family Law Celebrates 25 Years

On August 17, the law firm of Kessler & Solomiany, LLC of Atlanta, Georgia celebrated their 25th anniversary. The firm’s team of 12 attorneys and 20 staff members hosted an event, which included some of Atlanta’s top lawyers, judges, and other professionals as guests, to commemorate the law firm’s 25 years of practicing family law

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Free Teleseminar for Family Lawyers and Divorce Professionals

Dan Couvrette and Martha Chan, publishers of Family Lawyer Magazine and Divorce Magazine, are leading 30-minute seminars on successfully marketing your family law firm. Practical and Relevant Tips Every Other Month Divorce Marketing Group’s  Teleseminars offer insight into the marketing approaches and strategies of successful family law attorneys and other divorce practitioners. These sessions promise to

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Family Lawyer Magazine Offering Free Listing for First-Time Attendees of the National Conference on Divorce

Family Lawyer Magazine is partnering with the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) to offer a valuable incentive for first-time attendees of the National Conference on Divorce.  All first-time attendees who register for the 2016 event will receive a complimentary one-year listing in the Professional Directory on

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Pope Urges Church to Embrace Divorced and Remarried Catholics

The Pope wants the Church to reform its treatment of Catholics who are divorced and remarried. Although the Catholic Church does not fully ostracize remarried Catholics, the historical treatment of such individuals involves banning them from receiving Communion during a church service. Furthermore, these Catholics are openly viewed to be “living in sin” with their

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Mobile Marketing is Necessary to Match Shifting Consumer Trends

Ensure your law firm stays relevant in a world dominated by mobile devices. KPCB analyst and “Queen of the Internet” Mary Meeker recently released her 20th annual Internet Trends report containing noteworthy findings relevant to anyone hoping to successfully market their practice or services online. Specifically, the report reveals that marketing spending does not align with

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How Should the Legal System Treat Online Death Threats?

The Supreme Court is deliberating whether abusive online behavior, including death threats, should be categorized as criminal activity or protected under freedom of speech. In light of the case of Anthony Elonis, a man convicted in 2011 of multiple counts of online threats, including murdering his wife, the US Supreme Court will weigh in on

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Supreme Court Tacitly Approves Same-Sex Marriage Across 11 States

  The non-ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States on Monday, October 6th has helped strike down same-sex marriage bans in three jurisdictions across the country.   Same-sex couples and gay marriage advocates are celebrating a major success after the Supreme Court’s refusal to review cases by the three appellate courts that failed to

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