Videos need to be a part of your marketing strategy now. Learn how to ensure you have the best quality videos for your law firm.

By Martha Chan and Dan Couvrette, Family Lawyer Marketing Experts

Video marketing your law firmAccording to research data released on October 7, 2015 by, there were 1,300,000,000 people using YouTube, viewing 4,950,000,000 videos every day. A report from Cisco suggests that by 2019, videos will account for 85% of all U.S. consumer traffic on the Internet. There’s no question about the potential of videos to bring people to your website and to engage their interest once they’ve found you; the only question is whether you’ll take advantage of this growing trend or be at its mercy.

Prospective clients who visit your website have one thing in mind: should they hire you as their lawyer? Before making that decision, they want to learn more about you, your expertise, your firm, if you can solve their problems, and how much it will cost. Subconsciously or not, they also make that decision based on your personal style – especially when choosing between two similar law firms or lawyers. You’re in a competitive market; in order to stand out and be remembered, you need to have videos on your website.

Converting Website Visitors to Clients

Aside from an in-person meeting, the most compelling way to demonstrate that your firm is the right fit for a potential client is through informative videos featuring you and/or other attorneys on your website. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a hundred-thousand words.

Well-produced videos can dramatically increase your chances of being contacted by website visitors. These videos should be engaging, informative, and create a great first impression of your firm. Videos also provide a lasting impression that can be far more effective than text or still photos. Divorcing people have a lot of questions, and they’re often confused about what to do and what they need. Offering the information they’re seeking in short, accessible videos will appeal to them – and possibly end their search for the right lawyer!

What you say, how you say it, and how you present yourself in the videos will help prospective clients decide whether or not you’re the right fit for them. The right kind of video will help you attract the right kind of clients – and help to reduce time spent on unproductive phone calls and initial consultations.

Videos can be optimized for search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) so that they show up in search results. They also enable you to broaden your Internet exposure because you can feature your videos on YouTube, Facebook, and on other websites in addition to your own.

What’s Involved in Producing High-Quality Videos?

Pre-Production Planning

The saying “Anything worth doing is worth doing right” was never more true than for video production. Poorly-produced videos are likely to create the exact opposite result to what you’re hoping for, and most are a waste of time and money. We recommend you create an “overview” video that helps prospects understand why they should choose your firm, supported by a set of videos answering frequently-asked questions about divorce in your state (or even city).

Your Firm Overview Video

This video delivers your firm’s positioning statement: you should clearly state who you are, the type of clients you represent, and how you can help. Consider the following examples and you’ll see how they attract different types of clients.

Example 1. “For the past 30 years, our firm has been helping business people and their spouses through complex divorces. We’re known for handling high-stakes divorce, and for keeping our clients’ divorce cases private.”

Example 2. “For the past 30 years, I have been helping families achieve amicable divorces – while ensuring that my clients receive their fair share.”

FAQ Videos

Divorce FAQs videoDivorcing people are searching for information that will help them through the process from beginning to end, so the more information you provide, the better. The questions you answer should be determined by the type of clients you want to attract. Are you looking for high-asset clients, business owners, celebrities, high-conflict cases, mediated or collaborative divorces? Answer questions based on the needs/wants of your target clients.

Write and rehearse what you’re going to say. Many lawyers are more nervous in front of a camera than they are in court! Knowing exactly what to say allows you to focus on your tone and delivery; using a script reduces the number of takes, which saves time and money.

Tone and Manner

No matter what type of client you’re trying to attract, you should present the most professional image possible. You need to look the part and be the part, ensuring that the message and the delivery are consistent. You do not want to come across like you charge $600 per hour and that you only work with professional athletes if you actually charge $300 per hour and work with middle-income families.

The Video Shoot Location

Let the videographer help determine the best location in your office; he/she will factor in lighting and sound before deciding where to shoot. The space needs to be as quiet as possible: fluorescent lights and office equipment can create a surprisingly loud hum or buzz that is clearly audible on your videos.

What You See Is What You Get

Once the camera is set up, take a look at what you can see through the viewfinder. Is your favorite painting or sculpture showing up the way you want? Are your Best Lawyers or Super Lawyer plaques in the frame? Are there fingerprints on your desk?

What To Wear

In terms of outfits, most solid colors are good. Make sure what you wear is not distracting: avoid loud colors or big patterns. You should also avoid shiny or jingly jewelry.


If you have access to a teleprompter, use it and read from a script rather than “winging it.”

What’s Next?

Once you have your final videos, don’t be shy about sharing them! In addition to featuring them on your website, you can upload them to YouTube, Facebook, and other divorce-related websites. You can also reference the videos in your eNewsletter, press releases, or through other promotion vehicles. All of this greatly increases the chances of getting found by your next ideal client.

Dan Couvrette and Martha Chan are marketing experts to family lawyers. They are co-owners of Divorce Marketing Group – a marketing agency dedicated to promoting family lawyers and divorce professionals. They help them attract quality clients, generate referrals, convert prospects into clients, and stand out from their peers. 

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