By John Matias

If your website and advertisements aren’t mobile-friendly,  you’re missing out on a $25 billion opportunity to target mobile users directly.
smartphone_man (2)There is a major discrepancy between how professionals are marketing their services and how the public is consuming media. Consumer behavior has shifted to prefer mobile devices to laptops and desktops, creating a staggering gap between advertising dollars spent on mobile marketing and the potential audience of active mobile consumers. In fact, there is a $25 billion opportunity in mobile advertising in the U.S. alone, according to the 20th annual Internet Trends report by KPCB’s Mary Meeker.

Presented at Re/code’s Code Conference on Wednesday, May 27, Meeker’s report highlights the fact that mobile usage now surpasses traditional desktop and laptop computers. She also emphasizes that the popularity of user-generated content is rapidly growing – particularly in the form of curated and shared videos. One of the most highly regarded voices in technology, Meeker makes a strong case for marketing with mobile ads that are fast, interactive, and engaging. The full report can be viewed on SlideShare.

To give you an idea of what a sea-change this is, in 1995, there were 80MM+ mobile phone users globally, representing a 1% population penetration; in 2014, there were 5.2B mobile phone users (40% smartphones, 60% feature phones) globally, representing a 73% population penetration.

What Are You Losing by Failing to Go Mobile?

Failing to create mobile-friendly websites and advertisements is the biggest missed opportunity in modern marketing. Meeker’s report specifies that although 24% of media is experienced via mobile devices, only 8% of advertising spending is going towards mobile-friendly marketing. In 2010, the average American adult spent less than 30 minutes a day accessing the Internet on a mobile device and about 2.4 hours on a laptop and desktop computers. Now, the average American adult spends three hours accessing the Internet on a mobile device each day – which is over half of their daily Internet usage.  In order to capitalize on this largely untapped market, ensuring your marketing efforts are optimized for mobile devices should become a top priority.

Despite the clear indications that mobile usage is on the rise, many professionals are not yet taking advantage of the marketing potential presented by mobile advertisements and responsive web design. As technology and social trends continue to shift in favor of mobile devices, failing to capitalize on mobile marketing presents a huge missed opportunity to effectively promote your law firm.