State/Prov.  : New Jersey

Case name    : Maeker v. Ross

Case #          : No. A-1-13

Court             : New Jersey Supreme Court

Reviewed by : Laura W. Morgan

Main issue     : Agreements

Woman who shared a marital-like relationship with man brought an action against man after the relationship dissolved, seeking enforcement of an alleged oral palimony agreement. Held: (1) amendment to the statute of frauds to prohibit oral palimony agreements does not apply retroactively to oral palimony agreements that predate the amendment, and (2) woman stated a claim for breach of an oral palimony agreement, where woman alleged that she and man were in a marital-type relationship and lived together for a number of years, that man induced her to remain in that relationship and make sacrifices on a promise of support, and that man breached that agreement.

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