State/Prov.  : Illinois

Case name    : In re Marriage of Murugesh and Kasilingam

Case #          : 3–11–0228

Court             : Illinois Appellate Court, Third District

Reviewed by : Laura Morgan

Main issue     : Dissolution of marriage wrongly dismissed

Dissolution action was not subject to dismissal based on pending divorce action in foreign country between same parties, since state court was not required to recognize or enforce divorce judgments from foreign countries under full faith and credit clause. State policy of avoiding duplicative litigation did not require trial court to dismiss state action for dissolution of marriage in favor of divorce action in foreign country; neither party resided in foreign country, and state had strong interest in deciding dissolution action between two state residents. There is a strong public policy in favor of deciding marital controversies locally; in domestic relations cases, there is strong tie to county where marital home is located and where children of marriage reside. ————————————————————————————- Laura Morgan is a Family Law Consultant. Laura is available for consultation, brief writing and research on family law issues throughout the country. She can be reached through her website.