State/Prov.  : Montana

Case name    : In re Marriage of Edwards

Case #          : No. DA 13–0705

Court             : Montana Supreme Court

Reviewed by : Laura W. Morgan

Main issue     : Evidence

In dissolution action brought by wife against husband, evidence was sufficient to support the trial court’s ruling requiring husband to put his corporation through a divisive reorganization so that a transfer of marital property could be made to wife, regardless of husband’s expert’s testimony that any such reorganization would fail and, thus, that husband and corporation would face crippling tax consequences; the trial court was presented with conflicting expert testimony and based its decision on the testimony of wife’s expert witness, a certified public accountant with experience in the distribution of assets pursuant to divisive reorganization.{C5745061-09D8-4949-9D63-422FE3D13364}&impersonate=true&objectStoreName=PROD%20OBJECT%20STORE&objectType=document

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