State/Prov.  : South Carolina

Case name    : Hudson v. Hudson

Case #          : No. 2012–212690

Court             : South Carolina Court of Appeals

Reviewed by : Laura W. Morgan

Main issue     : Premarital Agreement

Wife’s allegation that she was under high pressure due to impending wedding, and parties’ unequal bargaining power, at time when she signed prenuptial agreement did not render the agreement unconscionable, although concern existed regarding husband’s referral of wife to attorney who was allegedly husband’s close friend and colleague; wife willingly used attorney and knew of his failure to advise her when she signed the agreement, wife admitted attorney did not discuss details of agreement and merely told her that husband was a good guy, wife would have signed agreement regardless of its fairness as long as it was not fraudulent, and psychologist testified that wife was capable at the time she signed the agreement.

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