State/Prov.  : Florida

Case name    : Fazzini v. Davis

Case #          : 98 So.3d 98

Court             : ‎Florida District Court of Appeals

Reviewed by : Thomas Duggar

Main issue     : Grandparents’ Rights

In Fazzini v. Davis, 98 So.3d 98 (Fla. 2d DCA 2012), the district court found the trial court did not err in giving full faith and credit to a Virginia judgment which granted grandparent visitation to the deceased mother’s parents. After giving the Virginia judgment full faith and credit, the trial court deemed it an order on a timesharing judgment which was subject to modification.  The father established that there had been a substantial and material change in circumstance, but even beyond these materially changed circumstances is the public policy of Florida which subordinates grandparent visitation rights to the superior rights of the parent.


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