How your family law practice can stand out among, and even blow past, the competition.

By Dan Lear, Director of Industry Relations at AVVO

Prospective clients pass many family law practices on the way to your firm’s website. But what is it that draws them to you? What do you have on your site that attracts them, that compels them to come back to you over and over again?

Spurred by a related conversation at a recent legal conference, I wondered what family law practices were doing to differentiate themselves on the Internet, including managing their visual profiles and reviews on social media networks, and more than that – what they were doing not only to advertise their availability for services, but to draw potential clients in.

I found four interesting examples of websites or firms that are providing compelling content or experiences to not only tell clients that they exist, but to attract clients to them.

Attracting Clients with Online Tools and Content

  • The all-50-state child support calculator on the Dad’s Divorce website is also very impressive. A service of and website provided by Cordell & Cordell, an East Coast law firm, the site could be a fantastic resource for spouses throughout the country.
  • I also found the Divorce Calculator on Divorce360 interesting, if not a bit without real use for a family law firm. Answering a few quick questions the Divorce Calculator will tell you your likelihood of divorcing. As a personal aside, I learned that I have a 3% likelihood of divorce in the next five years.
  • Finally, Divorce Tools’s equitable Distribution Calendar is impressive. The user interface is clean and well done, and while I wasn’t able to use the tool in full, it seems comprehensive and well-thought-out. Definitely something that could get heavy, repeated use.

Your family law practice can stand out among, and even blow past the competition. By leveraging the family law expertise you already have to create an interesting and useful online tool, or even an electronic guide or ebook available on your site, you can demonstrate your value to prospective clients before you even meet them. In doing so, you are establishing a relationship of trust and reliance that has the potential to transcend long after a divorce, a will, or another family law engagement.

Dan Lear currently the Director of Industry Relations for, an online legal marketplace. In that role he is responsible for the company’s relationship with lawyers, the legal industry, and legal technology companies and helps to drive content strategy and general outreach.  He’s blogged and written extensively about the legal profession and its evolution on his blog Right Brain Law and for other online and print publications such as the ABA, AboveTheLaw, Solo Practice University, and the Washington State Bar Association.