By Marshal Willick, Family Lawyer

It always seems to come to a surprise to younger lawyers, but judgments are not self-executing. For the most part, if not enforced, they simply grow old, and expire.

This paper is not a comprehensive course on how to enforce judgments; it is intended to be a selective highlighting of topics related to enforcement of judgments that seem to cause recurrent difficulties, and possible solutions to those difficulties, or at least means for coping with them.

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Marshal S. Willick, Esq. is the Principal of the Willick LawGroup, an A/V-rated Las Vegas family law firm, and a Continuing Legal Education Instructor. In Nevada, there are no juries in Family Law cases. Mr. Willick has been taking such cases to trial since the 1980s, the number of which by now is estimated in the thousands. He has also participated in hundreds of divorce and pension cases in the trial courts of other States, as a consultant, expert, or as amicus curia.

Reprint with permission.