The print edition of Family Lawyer Magazine is now available, and  over 33,000 copies of this annual edition have been mailed to family law firms and divorce professionals across the U.S.

The digital version is also  available for free download here.

The 2013 issue of Family Lawyer Magazine offers a dynamic range of relevant, topical and expert crafted content. Included among the roster of contributors are seasoned judges, renowned family lawyers, private investigators, valuators, practice consultants, accountants, QDRO specialists, and many more top professionals from across the country.

Some of the articles featured in this issue of Family Lawyer Magazine are:

  •     Best Apps for Family Lawyers
  •     How to Improve Your Practice with Technology
  •     Courtroom Tips from Top Family Lawyers
  •     A Look at Cryopreserved Embryos in Divorce
  •     Preparation in the Courtroom
  •     Bullying Between Family Lawyers
  •     Financial Matters
  •     Avoid a Malpractice Claim with QDROs Gone Wrong
  •     Proving Hidden Income
  •     5 Most Threatening Issues Facing your Law Practice
  •     Losing Business One Client at a Time
  •     Unforgettable Vacations
  •     Superfoods: The First Step to a Healthier You
  •     Conflict Resolution and Neuro-Literacy
  •     Case Reviews – for specific states

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